Hi, I’m Richard Attree …

For the past two years I’ve been working on my novel: TOO CLOSE TO THE WIND – a journey of self discovery narrated by a young Australian windsurfer and the world’s first windsurfing novel (allegedly). It’s finally finished (phew!) with publication planned for March 2019.

Click on the links to read the BLURB and a look-behind-the-scenes AUTHOR’S COMMENTARY (which also has a sneak preview of some future projects).

The ABOUT ME page is a more revealing and entertaining version of the biog you’ll find in my books. It’s the story of my career as a musician, my return to my first love: writing, my obsession with wind, waves, adventure … and how the haircuts have reflected the zeitgeist of the decades I’ve lived through (complete with some occasionally embarrassing pics).

I’ve just released a FREE PREQUEL STORY, to wet your appetite for the novel. You’ll meet my surfaholic narrator, Nick, discover his eventful back-story and his obsession with the ocean, wind, and surf. ’TOO CLOSE TO THE WIND – THE PREQUEL STORY’ takes Nick from his earliest memory to the day the novel begins—the day he should have drowned.

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You can connect with me HERE and on my FaceBook page: Richard Attree – Author.